Thaw - Oil and metal leaf


12 x 16 oil and metal leaf on panel

What I love most about painting is its seemingly infinite capacity to evolve with my own ability to comprehend new ways of seeing and doing.  I have been painting for many years now, and I'm still constantly learning and growing.  With that in mind,  I recently began experiments immersing my printed reference photos in water until the photo emulsion breaks up and disintegrates to varying degrees. The results were fantastic, and I have begun to explore how this new "Disintegration" series has re-arranged my thinking about imagery, both spatially and conceptually.   

This process of fragmentation and abstraction de-objectifies the image, and enables me to use disintegration as its own symbol; of transience, transformation, and the temporal nature of life itself.  As a realist painter with an affinity for symbolism and the surreal, I’m finding this exploration to be a very liberating, and exciting,  experience.   The Tacoma Ledger recently said about this new series, "The images appear to burst at the edges of the canvas like a darkroom scene gone wrong, a compelling vision based on thoughts of our current fractured society."